(G) I-DLE fans apologize after awkward interview


After the group’s interview, (G) I-DLE fans requested an apology for Minnie. CUBE Entertainment group (G) I-DLE recently released their song DUMDi DUMDi, and since then, the girls have held various activities to promote the music release, however it seems that not all of their promotions have been enjoyable.

Recently, (G) I-DLE had an interview witnessed by various outlets. During this event, the girls tried various drinks and posed next to the food they had nearby, but what stole the attention of the K-Pop group’s fans was the discomfort that Minnie demonstrated at this event.

The girls were seated behind a table, Minnie being the one next to the event’s interviewer. On repeated occasions, this member of the group is seen putting distance with the boy and approaching Shuhua, shortly after, she also took the blanket that they had on her legs and spread it to cover herself.

Although Minnie showed her discomfort, the interviewer continued to interact with her, staring at her and asking her to pose with him as if she were feeding him.

The (G) I-DLE fandom pointed out that even after the girl’s reaction, the actions did not stop, so they consider that the interviewer should apologize for harassing her.

To achieve this, they have shared the video clip of this event by adding their comments and using the hashtag #ApologizeToMinnie, asking others to join in so that the petition becomes visible.

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