Futuristic Electric Vehicle You Can Have with a Monthly Subscription System: Canoo


The Los Angeles-based electric car initiative Canoo has opened a waiting list for the seven-seater electric vehicle of the same name it plans to release next year. The company says that anyone can sign up for the list without any commitment to purchase.

Important developments continue to occur in the electric vehicle ecosystem. We know that many brands such as Volkswagen, Volvo and BMW are building their future on electric vehicles; however, there are many initiatives with a similar vision with these manufacturers. One of them is Canoo.

The Los Angeles-based initiative led by Ulrich Kranz, a former BMW engineer, released a waiting list for his seven-person futuristic minivan that he introduced last September. Signing up for the list is completely free. Canoo says that if you persuade your friends and family members to join the waiting list, you will earn points. By 2021, people at the top of the list will have the opportunity to subscribe to a large and modern electric vehicle on a monthly basis.

Canoo aims to bring a brand new breath to the electric vehicle ecosystem with its monthly subscription system.
Having the same name as the company, Canoo differs from traditional cars with internal combustion engines, both in design and features. Canoo aims to convince drivers with SUVs that are more popular compared to small cars and have caused more increases in CO2 emissions compared to aircraft, trucks and heavy industry over the past decade.

The electric vehicle, which can carry seven people at the same time, was built on a platform called thin Skateboard that holds the battery cells, powertrain and suspension. Canoo’s battery can be 80 percent charged in just half an hour. Offering more than 400 kilometers of range on a full charge, the vehicle promises a safe travel experience with its cameras and sensors.

Canoo’s interior created with a minimal design approach
The only thing unknown about Canoo is the subscription price. However, the company says the vehicle will have a pricing that will not upset users. We will see whether the brave and innovative move of the American company will be successful in the coming years.


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