Futuristic BMW electric scooter to be manufactured soon


Officially presented to the world in November of last year, the BMW electric scooter, named Definifiton CE 04, drew a lot of attention for its futuristic and elegant design. Previously, the concept presented already indicated that the vehicle was in the final stage of development, however, its launch may be even closer than expected.

Documents registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Institute (Euipo) by BMW revealed what appears to be the final design of Definition CE 04, with new structural changes to possibly facilitate the production process while also lowering its cost. In this context, the patent registration indicates that the conceptualization phase is ending to start the production process.

Quite similar to the original concept, the final design of the electric scooter has not undergone many visual changes. The biggest changes are related to safety features and legal approval, such as the addition of a nameplate holder, mirrors and arrow indicators. Check below a comparison between the versions:


Without technical details revealed by BMW, the Definition CE 04 still leaves many doubts about its features. However, in the patented design you can see the location of your battery, at the bottom of the chassis, which should promote more control and balance in the vehicle’s weight.

Even at this stage of development, it is still not possible to affirm a launch forecast for the Definition CE 04. Thus, it remains to wait for the official announcement from BMW to check out more about the vehicle – which may be close, if the record actually indicates , your final design.


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