Future Tech Awards Winners Announced The Best Phone Of The Year Announced


Future Tech Awards, one of the prestigious awards of the technology world, found its owners this year. The winners of this year are Samsung, which received an award with the Galaxy Fold, OnePlus, which received the OnePlus 7T, and Google, which received awards in 5 different categories.

This year’s awards of the Future Tech Awards, given to the successful companies and people of the year in the field of technology, were delivered to this year’s winners. This year’s Future Tech Awards was marked by Google with 5 awards. Along with Google, Samsung and OnePlus have become the best companies in the field of technology in 2019.

Pixelbook Go, the computer developed by Google with over 200,000 votes, became the Best Chromebook of 2019. While Google’s voice assistant, Google Assistant, became the Best Smart Assistant, Nest Mini was awarded the Best Smart Speaker award, and Nest Hub Max was awarded the Best Smart Screen. Google Home became the Best Smart Home Product of the Decade.

Besides Google, Samsung also received the Best Mobile Innovation of the Year award with Galaxy Fold. OnePlus received the Best Smartphone award with the OnePlus 7T.

AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, August Home’s co-founder and CEO Jason Johnson and YouTuber Marques Brownlee entered the Future Tech Hall of Fame at the Future Tech Awards.

Another award branch given at the Future Tech Awards is Future 50. The 50 most successful people of 2019 were determined in the Future 50. Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, David Glickman, and CEO of Jon4Lakers, were among the top three of the Future 50, the most successful people of 2019 and the list of people to follow in 2020.


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