The Future Solar Powered Super Car Concept: Mercedes Redsun


A graphic artist named Wayne Jung created a Mercedes car concept that could be the supercar of the future. Designed as solar powered, the concept called Redsun is very interesting but it looks as exciting.

Cars powered by fossil fuels are a revolution in transportation, but are now about to leave their places to electric vehicles. World-renowned automaker Mercedes has also begun to develop its own electric vehicles. Mercedes’ E series, which will have members such as EQA and EQV, continues to develop.

While Mercedes continues to work on electric vehicles, graphic artist Wayne Jung has created a Mercedes car concept that is likely to become the supercar of the future. The auto concept, named Jung Redsun, seems to have actually skyrocketed from the future.

Details of the Mercedes Redsun concept design

The images of the Redsun concept design published by Wayne Jung offer a very interesting tool. The wheels of the concept, which has an exciting design, look different from what we are used to. Jung notes that Redsun’s wheels are hidden behind the covers.

Another interesting aspect of the Redsun concept design is that there is no physically a Mercedes logo anywhere on the vehicle. Instead of the physical logo, Jung placed the Mercedes logo on different parts of the vehicle’s design. The design line, which can be called the future version of the LED illuminated Mercedes logo located on the car’s cabin, also appears on the wheel covers. Again, there is a Mercedes logo created from LED lighting in front of the vehicle.

Finally, when the vehicle is viewed from above, the lines coming from the right and left of the cabin meet with a line at the end point of the cabin and form another Mercedes logo. To sum up, Jung has placed a Mercedes logo with different shapes all over the vehicle instead of a single physical Mercedes logo.

There are solar panels in different parts of the solar powered concept design. There are separate solar panels above the cabin and on both sides of the vehicle, next to the two solar panels on the hood of the vehicle.

While Wayne Jung revealed the concept design of the future super car in Redsun, he took the design one step further and made a drawing inside the car’s interior. The rough drawing shows what Redsun’s driver’s seat and steering wheel will look like.


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