Future Samsung Galaxy Book Laptops Will Be Equipped with 120 Hz OLED Displays.


Something to look forward to: Every winter Samsung holds an “Unpacked” event to introduce its latest Galaxy devices, primarily Galaxy S phones. This year Samsung is also introducing new Galaxy Books, and some of them are equipped with a display that can cause buyers to delight before the flagship release.

On February 1, Samsung plans to hold its first individual presentation of the Galaxy Unpacked after the Covid pandemic. As usual, Samsung should introduce the latest Galaxy phones. This year, the company may also introduce its newest Galaxy Books series — a line of Samsung laptops. Although most of the specs are sparse, Samsung Display has revealed some features of the upcoming Galaxy Book displays.

Samsung plans to use touch-sensitive AMOLED displays (OCTA) on mobile devices in the upcoming Galaxy Books. The company introduced OCTA screens in the Galaxy smartphone line in 2010, but this is the technology’s debut in laptops. Instead of a special touch layer, OCTA panels are equipped with touch sensors embedded in the display, which makes them 6-11 percent thinner.

The panels will also support a 120 Hz refresh rate and a 3K resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Given the already confirmed rumors about the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra and the transition to OCTA displays, Samsung may be approaching the top of the “high-end” laptop market.

Samsung Display has not confirmed how many Galaxy Book models will be equipped with an OCTA display. While the upcoming Galaxy Book 3 Ultra will undoubtedly have it, standard or professional variants may not ship with OCTA.

The new displays will allow Samsung to enter the small but ever-growing market of touch-sensitive OLED laptops, which is currently dominated by Asus and Dell. The South Korean tech giant may be able to attract a large number of buyers before its biggest competitor, Apple, releases its MacBook with an OLED touchscreen, which is expected in 2025. add OLED displays to your Surface line.

It’s still only January, but there have already been a lot of discoveries and releases, and it will be even more interesting over the course of the year. Overall, the year 2023 may prove crucial for display technologies. It is expected that many companies, such as Samsung, Asus and LG, will expand the boundaries of both OLED and Mini-LED displays.

For first-time users, Samsung offers a $50 discount when reserving a phone or laptop and a $100 discount when pre-ordering both. The devices are shipped on February 1.

If you’re interested in any of the upcoming Galaxy Book laptops, Samsung is currently allowing customers to reserve a pre-order after the device is unveiled on February 1st.


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