For months we have been hearing about a new era in Dua Lipa’s musical career and today we can already say that this new era has names and surnames: Future Nostalgia.

That is the tattoo that the artist has shown in her latest publication to date on Instagram. Under the text “Swipe for title album” the soloist published two images. The main one, in a bikini sitting on a deck chair; and the second with a flat detail of the tattoo on his left arm in which Future Nostalgia is read.

A very revealing and significant title of what will be your new sound bet. With Don’t start now it made it clear to us that the course was going to be very different from the one taken in his debut Dua Lipa: “I have chosen to release this song first to be able to close one chapter of my life and start another start another. A new era with a new sound. It was natural to choose this song in the first place because I did it with the same brilliant people I made New rules with. ”


A song that triggered nostalgia for 70’s disco music but with a modern twist that has ended up moving to the album title: Future Nostalgia. To this contributed the presence of producers such as Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, Calvin Harris and Mark Ronson (as we know) that contributed to their compositions a new disco dimension.

Other songs that we have been able to hear although we do not know if they will be part of the repertoire of this second album, are Swan Song and Free, songs that put rhythm on Alita’s film and the YSL fragrance campaign.

Thanks to the location of its publications we know that the album has gone through at least two cities such as London (Abbey Road Studios) and Los Angeles (Californai, USA).

The final list of songs, the album cover and the final release date are not yet confirmed. There will not be much time to discover it as we could see in his official Facebook account, Dua Lipa plans to offer a concert at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on April 28, 2020.


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