Future MacBooks may have small screens on each key


The Patently Apple website, which specializes in tracking Apple-registered products at the US patent office, today released (30) a patent granted to Apple for an “adaptive entry surface” that could, in practice, represent a keyboard on the which each key would have an individual screen associated with it.

In the process officially approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office on the last business day of the year, Apple says that a user may wish to dynamically reconfigure the keyboard, either to accommodate entries for different languages, or to temporarily convert a standard keyboard to a keyboard. for games, where the keys correspond to specific actions.

The patent approved today may outline a new trend from Apple. After all, the brand’s best laptops reach consumers today with an integrated fingerprint reader and a programmable touch bar. It may be that future MacBooks are built with “dynamically adjustable keys for screens”, as the patent application says.

How would the new keyboard with dynamic labels work?

Such a configuration would allow responsive keys capable of lighting up when pressed, or visually indicate whether certain option keys are in operation. Dynamic labels can be made via display components made with light emitting diodes with pixel arrays.

It is not the first time that Apple has obtained patents of this type, but this one approved today impresses because the system was designed to work with mechanical keys, which means that it could be adapted to the keyboard currently used in MacBooks. However, there is still no statement from the company as to whether, and when, this functionality will be implemented.


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