The Future of Huawei Vision TV with 24 MP Camera Revealed


There was an impressive leak about the new smart television Huawei announced on April 8th. A sharing over Weibo showed that this television would have an ultra-wide-angle camera that offers 65 inches in size and 24 MP resolution.

Chinese technology giant Huawei is mostly subject to our news with its smart phones and 5G technologies. However, Huawei will be more than a smartphone manufacturer and will be presented to consumers on April 8 with a new smart television model.

Huawei’s upcoming television is called Vision TV, and it has been a product with unknown features to date. The previous statements revealed that this smart television model will be a pop-up camera, which we now have new information about.

A post on Weibo, China’s largest social media platform, revealed some details about Huawei’s new smart television. Moreover, the person who made this sharing was a person who previously made accurate predictions about Huawei products. As such, consumers welcomed this sharing with great excitement.

Share on Weibo about Huawei’s new Vision TV model
The owner of the leak says that the smart television model Huawei will announce on April 8 will be 65 inches in size, and this television will come with an ultra-wide-angle camera with 24 MP resolution and an openable structure supported by artificial intelligence. This shared image also reveals that Huawei’s new smart television will have an extremely thin structure.


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