Futurama Reveals Episode Titles of Upcoming Hulu Revival


Futurama fans were the last to receive a revival, this time from Hulu. It seems that this is an era of new hopes and new opportunities. Such series as “Proud Family” and “Dexter” have been getting another chance at life in recent years (with varying degrees of success), it really seems that any classic series has a chance to return, at least for a while.

The upcoming and long-awaited sequel to “Futurama” on Hulu has been teasing a bit, which is sure to cause a lot of speculation among hungry fans. But although this information was added discreetly, it didn’t stop eager Futurama fans from gathering around for some good old-fashioned hype.

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The Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) is a database where production companies can register their upcoming projects, and now it has a page with the titles of 10 episodes of the revival. A user of the Futurama subreddit discovered a new addition, and conversations immediately began to grow. Users were quick to point out the number of references to past episodes in the listed titles. For example, “The Return of the Parasites” seems to be a clear allusion to the classic Futurama episode “Lost Parasites”, in which Fry (played by Billy West) eats a questionable sandwich and becomes infected with parasites, which ultimately improve his life in many ways. methods. The episode did end with worms ominously threatening Fry, stating that their return was pretty much inevitable given how much junk food Fry eats, so it would certainly be interesting (and probably fun) to see where they go next with this backstory.

The names of the first ten episodes of the revival were revealed. from Futurama

Others have noticed that some of the episodes seem to target some pretty timely issues with titles like “Rage Against the Vaccine” and “Zapp is Canceled.” “Futurama” has pretty much always been about current events (and lots of science fiction references), which also had the expected effect of making some of them feel outdated pretty quickly. A number of fans seem to be clearly wary of how well the show will address these topics, especially given how its success has fluctuated in the past.

But there are still many positive emotions associated with the discovery. “I know what you did last Christmas” has attracted the attention of many, as it will undoubtedly feature the return of the always chaotic robot Santa Claus. Meanwhile, the user who posted the episode list cleverly assumed that the episode “All The Way Down” would deal with the Flatlanders. The user linked this theory with the similarity of the name to “turtles all the way down” — an expression hinting at the ancient idea of the world existing on top of the turtle’s back. Showrunners should be very proud.

Unlike the episodes of season 4 of Harley Quinn, which were also placed on the roster, “Futurama” has already been officially confirmed. Thus, the assumption in this case can be made without this lingering feeling of slight fear. A little more time is expected before the premiere, which gives enough freedom of action (or, maybe, “Lila”) to support heated fan discussions. Thanks to the returning talents of West, Kathy Sagal, John DiMaggio, Lauren Thom and Phil Lamarr, one thing that probably won’t be discussed is performances.

It is expected that the premiere of the revived “Futurama” will take place in 2023 on Hulu.


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