Funny video carrying TES IV: Oblivion for PS1

Independent developer Anders Lundbjörk shared a fun video of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on his social networks, reimagining what the game would look like if it ran on the PS1 engine.

To create the world of Oblivion on PS1, Anders used some of the main memes that run across the internet, like the scary (why not?) Dialogue scenes in the game, when an NPC makes sudden eye contact with the character and the camera gives a zoom, and the strange physics of the game, reinforced by artificial intelligence at least doubtful in which the combat activates a “kill mode” where everything that is in front of the fighter deserves a sword.

In addition, as it could not be missing, the video marks the return of one of the most curious characters in the game, the irritating Fan Adorer, who starts to chase the protagonist from a specific mission and can be found randomly at different moments of the game. Check out the video below.

According to the programmer, the version of PS1 published on his Twitter had only a small flaw, since its frame rate per second was not adapted to the outdated configurations of the Sony console. However, it is undeniable that it is a beautiful retelling and a funny tribute to the fans of the game.

How about you, would you play TES IV: Oblivion if it had been released for PS1? Leave your opinion in the comments.



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