The boys from Beyond The Scene, always do a thousand crazy things to make all their ARMY happy, however, there are also some other actions that give us happiness, only that these happen unintentionally. An example of this is the humorous falls that some of the idols have had. LOL!

Jimin is the king of the falls, so it is a bit difficult to decide which of all his falls is the funniest. One of the moments that the idol lost the floor, was in one of the presentations of the MTV Miaw Awards in 2018.

We can observe in this video, that Taehyung is not very good for sports that are practiced on smooth surfaces, but it is good to know that he will keep trying until he is a master.

Jungkook is not saved from the strange movements that the floor may have, because he experienced a fall while singing “Euphoria”, but the youngest of BTS did not hesitate to stand up and return to his own.

One of the funniest moments, was to see how Rap Monster landed in the water, after having thrown off a slide. LOL!

Undoubtedly, boys like drama a bit, usually always seen when they have performances … They really should win an Oscar in the category of “The Best Group Fall”.


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