Funny clip of Elven Ring demonstrates the perfect use of the mimic veil during PvP battles


For many Elden Ring players who have passed the game, become Elden Lord, or reached any of the other endings of the game, PvP for the game can be an additional challenge. Invasions and duels at the Paradise Academy of Lucaria are the main ways in which players can participate in PvP in the Elden Ring, allowing them to experience the power of their tarnished against the build of another fan.

For a while, some did not want to participate in the PvP and multiplayer game Elden Ring because of too powerful skills, such as the Bloodhound Step and Rivers of Blood. However, in the latest patch for Elden Ring, several major changes were made both to these skills and to the multiplayer of the game as a whole, which gave a new reason to try out their assembly against a huge community of players. One fan, known as BobsVegans on Reddit, recently demonstrated the fun of the multiplayer game, including demonstrating the perfect use of the Mimic Veil item.

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The Mimic Veil in Elden Ring is an item that allows the player to disguise himself as the environment. In the case of the BobsVegans, after defeating the host during the invasion, they used the Mimic Veil to try to get extra style points after defeating the opponent. However, much to the surprise of the BobsVegans, they turned into the best possible when they used the Mimic Veil, a tombstone marking the place of their opponent’s death.

I used a mimic veil for the meme, but I didn’t plan for it to work so well! from Eldenring

Elden Ring players found this perfect Mimic Veil transformation to be both a funny moment and a strange sign of respect for the BobsVegans opponent. Many fans noted that by installing a tombstone next to the place where they died, it would be the closest thing to a proper burial for most of the tarnished ones. As stated in the Elden Ring lore, the Tarnished Ones are not looked upon with love in the Intermediate Lands, and it is very unlikely that they will be remembered after death, which makes the use of BobsVegans Mimic Veil a funny moment, as well as one that shows great respect. for their tarnished comrades.

In addition to using the Mimic Veil to gain extra style points after a successful invasion, other players have managed to use this item in different ways. One patient Elden Ring player used Mimic Veil in PvP with great success, waiting for the enemy to pass by them before making a surprise attack. With so many items to use in the Elden Ring, players are sure to find other ways to create fun and interesting PvP moments.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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