Funny clip of Elden Ring shows the end of a PvP battle when the player “strikes himself”


Elden Ring can offer an extensive list of bosses to battle, but for those looking for even more challenging challenges, it’s worth trying the PvP options in the game. However, it seems that one of the Elden Ring players had no experience with their favorite weapon, as the funny clip gives the impression that they are killing themselves with their own blade.

Considering how many gamers participate in PvP in the Elden Ring, it is not surprising that several interesting videos have appeared on the network. Players turned into props to lure multiple opponents into a trap, disguised themselves as the main enemies from the Lands Between, and reproduced the appearance and movement sets of bosses such as the God Skin Duo. However, the latest footage seems to show a funny fatal accident.

Instead of a deliberate death, such as the “Jump with Me” exercise in the Elden Ring, this fragment of self-harm looks completely random. In a clip posted by Reddit user ValbuenaSaxTape, players witness a typical PvP battle. In a tense battle, both players dodge and poke, trying to land several blows without falling victim to the opponent’s strongest abilities. However, the player the Reddit user was fighting seemed to rely heavily on a rotational attack as he swung the weapon around his body.

I have just witnessed a tragic fatal accident. That’s why you should read the instruction manual of your weapon. from Eldenring

As can be seen from the health scale of the opposing Elden Ring player, they are about one stroke away from death, which means that even the slightest mistake will lead to their death. Judging from the footage, it looks like this error occurred due to a poorly executed rotation. As soon as an enemy player activates his special attack, he randomly dies, giving the impression that he struck himself by mistake. This joke is extended by the Reddit author who recorded the clip, as they assume that their enemy forgot to read the manual for his weapon to learn how to use it.

In fact, the lag was probably the cause of death. A few seconds before the start of this spin, the enemy player barely dodged a ValbuenaSaxTape hit. Although it looks like the hit didn’t happen, some server delay probably caused the hit to be registered after a few seconds. In the comments section, the players presented several more theories, joking that another player tore out his back or stepped on LEGO. The best offer came from maltamur, who joked that the enemy has Tarnished Lumbago, like Uncle from Red Dead Redemption 2.

While lagging was what really killed the enemy player, it really feels like he defeated himself through the misuse of Ash of War. Since the Elden Ring DLC has leaked online and the main game continues to work well, there are likely to be many more fun PvP moments in the coming months.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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