Funny accident that BTS idols had at rehearsal


ARMY revealed on social media that the BTS idols had a little accident during one of the choreographies.

The idols of BTS have taken care of every detail to surprise the ARMY with their songs and that is why the members of the South Korean boy band have been very disciplined with their rehearsals, although on certain occasions they have suffered certain mishaps.

And it is that ARMY realized some funny accidents that the boys of the K-Pop band had in one of their choreographies, so through the networks they shared a video of what happened in one of their dances, what that has caused a furor.

The members of BTS have become the group of the moment, because in a few days they will release their new single called “Dynamite”, although at the moment the girls are enjoying the DVD of “Memories 2019” that was released.

BTS has a funny accident

South Korean boys despite having a busy schedule for the projects they have to promote their music, when they are rehearsals to practice some choreography, they practice for hours to perfect their routines, but sometimes they have had such accidents.

Through social networks, ARMY shared a video on Twitter, where you can see the idols how they prepare to perform an amazing performance, so the behind-the-scenes have driven the girls crazy, although a moment that some of they were shocked.

On the DVD of “Memories 2019”, the members of BTS Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, RM, Suga, V and J-Hope were rehearsing one of their songs, as some dance steps were difficult for some of the members .

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So in one of the movements that J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, Jimin and V were doing, the smallest members of the K-Pop band were injured, but fortunately it did not happen to older ones and they only laughed at what happened .

There is no doubt that the boys of BTS at their young age are very disciplined with their careers, since since the South Korean band was formed, they have managed to drive the ARMY crazy with their projects, do you think idols are adorable dancing together?


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