Funko Pop Dolls! from the DC Universe to collect


The comics of the famous Justice League heroes and their villains have won fans all over the world. Soon they left the pages of the magazines to invade the television and cinema screens. DC Comics’ vast universe of heroes has allowed films, series and animations to be created for the amusement of fans and admirers of hero sagas in the fight against crime.

Cute and made in vinyl, the Funko Pop dolls! are items of great desire for collectors of objects of pop culture. These figures pay homage to a diversity of characters and it is no different when it comes to the DC universe.

From Wonder Woman to characters like Flash and Joker, we have separated a list with some iconic characters from this universe that had their Funko Pop version! Check out:

Funko Pop Eugene Shazam
Funko Pop Harley Quinn
Funko Pop Superman
Funko Pop Wonder Woman
Funko Pop Mera


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