Functions offered by Telegram and “not by WhatsApp


If you definitely no longer want to be on WhatsApp, or simply want to use another App, we will mention the functions that Telegram offers.

Given the interest of users to learn more instant messaging applications other than WhatsApp, Somagnews presents the functions that Telegram has and that the “green” App does not.

Regardless if the reason to look for another messaging application different from WhatsApp is due to the new Terms and Conditions, which will now apply until May, or because you want to have another App with more functions, Telegram may be an option for you.

Telegram currently exceeds 500 million active users of which 25 million would have registered in the last 72 hours. This instant messaging service, different from WhatsApp, was developed by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov.

WhatsApp and Telegram differences

Telegram is characterized by having a route of functions very different from WhatsApp, in fact it could be more of a social network, like Facebook, but without further ado we tell you:

Edit messages

In case you make a mistake when sending a message, in Telegram you can delete it without the need for the legend “deleted message” to appear, which betrays us, in Telegram you can edit the sent message, and avoid giving explanations of a deleted message.

Delete whenever you want

Telegram allows you to delete messages at any time, giving you the option to delete for yourself or for all members of the chat, without leaving a trace and maintaining your privacy. That is, without showing that you deleted one or more messages. The application allows you to delete files, photos, videos or audio messages in the same way.

Delete conversations

Telegram has an option within each conversation called Empty chat. In case you regret everything you wrote, you have the option to delete the conversation.

WhatsApp vs Telegram channels

Telegram allows you to create a channel, whose operation is similar to that of a blog. You can write and share content that people who subscribe can see and share, although not writing or participating directly, but leaving comments on each publication you make.

Limit on groups

This is a function that many want because while WhatsApp only allows 256 participants in a group, Telegram has a limit of 200 thousand, a huge difference. In addition, in the case of channels, Telegram allows a limited number of subscribers

Secret Chats

Another of the functions that Telegram and WhatsApp have is that, as if you were a double agent of the CIA and the KGB, Telegram allows you the option of creating secret chats with added functions as interesting as messages that self-destruct in seconds, avoid being take screenshots (or report they have been taken), prevent message forwarding, and all with end-to-end encryption.


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