Functions hidden in Facebook Messenger to learn


Using an application a lot gives you expertise in it, it makes you an expert. But with current apps it is easy to miss many of their functions, since they usually have so many that it is impossible to map them all in the foreground. Facebook Messenger is one of them, and here we show you several things that you may or may not know about the instant messaging app:

Dark mode

Simply giving your profile picture opens access to various functions. One of them is the button to activate or deactivate the dark mode / Dark Mode of Messenger:

Open Messenger.
Click your profile photo in the upper left, then Preferences.
Click Appearance (the waning moon icon)
Under Theme, click Duplicate system preferences and select High (dark) contrast.
To reverse the change, click High Contrast (dark) and select Duplicate system preferences.

Active Status

Within your profile you also have the option to turn off the so-called ‘Active Status’, so that your contacts cannot see if you are online or not, nor the last time you logged in:

Click your profile photo in the upper left, then Preferences.
Click Active Status.
Click below Show Active Status to turn active status on or off.

Who can answer you

Within the Message Settings option, you can make messages from your Facebook friends, businesses you connected with and people in Marketplace always reach you in the chat list. People you haven’t chatted with will only be able to send you message requests and won’t know if you’ve read them unless you reply.

Open the Messenger app.
In Chats, tap the profile photo in the upper left.
In the menu, tap Privacy.
Tap Message Settings.
Tap next to People who have your phone number to turn the option on or off.


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