Fun Website That Converts Two-Dimensional Images into Three-Dimensional Models


Created within the scope of a project carried out by Oxford University, the vehicle can turn a person’s face into a 3D model. The vehicle can also turn the faces of cats into 3D models.

After taking a photo, would you like to make the people in this photo or a 3D model yourself? If your answer is “Yes”, the tool we will explain in this article is exactly for you. Oxford University researchers published a demo of a project they were working on.

The tool, which emerged as a result of a project studied by Oxford University, can make the face of an image in 3D. Moreover, the tool does not use several different images to create a 3D model; instead, it produces the best possible result using a single image.

The tool that turns photos into 3D:
To use the tool of Oxford University, you must first click this link. You only need one photo for the vehicle. After cutting the faces of the people in this photo, you upload the image to the vehicle. Then there is nothing you need to do because the vehicle automatically detects the face in the photo and important points on the face when the ‘Detect face region’ feature is activated.

There are three options in the “Lighting Mode” section of the vehicle. These; It consists of “Predicted”, “Relighting” and “Geometry only” options. When you first upload your photo, the first option preserves the original light in the photo, offering you the best lighting in the 3D model.

The second option under the lighting modes allows your model to be re-illuminated in the form of animation. If the third lighting mode is “Geometry only” option, your model comes up with no texture or color.

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However, there is also an option in the vehicle that will allow you to make your cat’s face in 3D. You can select the “Cat” option by clicking on the drop-down menu in the “Face Type” section of the vehicle and create the 3D model by selecting the photo with the face of your cat or any cat.

In addition, the tool allows you to turn any visual or drawing that reminds the face into a 3D model. In addition, although only cat and human face options are offered to us, the vehicle can do much more than that. According to Oxford University’s project page, automobiles can also be rendered in 3D, while the face of a person in a video can be seen in 3D. You can access the source codes of this project at Oxford University by clicking this link on GitHub.


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