Fun video calling app Mmhmm arrives on Mac


In an environment where video interviews are becoming widespread, the video presentation application Mmhmm ​​aims to add a little more visuality and fun to the work. The app has been released for Mac. The app has free and premium packages. At the same time, there is a feature specific to those who purchased Apple’s new M1 processor laptops.

If we spend most of our time on video calls, why not make them a little more impressive and immersive? Mmhmm ​​also starts with this in mind, it goes beyond simple desktop sharing and modified backgrounds for video calls.

This app allows users to use resizable versions of their photos, videos and presentations. Even a live video broadcast can be given to video calls. Whatever platform you use, the app functions as a controller for the background or effects you use or the presentation you make. In addition, using the Co-Pilot feature, you can contribute to presentations, make a joint presentation with a friend, or give control to someone else while you speak.

Mmhmm ​​is not just an enterprise use oriented application. We understand this thanks to Jedi hologram-like filters or mods like Big Hand.

Big Hand mode is available with the beta release of the app, and is a feature unique to Apple’s new M1 processor computers. Because it uses the processor’s machine learning capabilities. Thanks to this, you can make nonverbal communication easier in group conversations. Instead of pressing a button to turn up your voice to react, Big Hand mode throws a special colored hand into your hand and you can use it to add a thumb mark, victory sign, or a dot that is clearly visible even in the small video conversation window.


Mmhmm ​​offers two different packages. The premium package includes customizable backgrounds and fun tools such as laser pointers, filters. The basic package includes basic functions for presentation, saving or contributing to presentations.

Anyone who has downloaded Mmhmm ​​can try the tools under “Premium” for free for seven days. Later, it will have the opportunity to use premium features for an hour a day. Those who want unlimited access need to subscribe for $ 9.99 a month or $ 99 a year.

In addition, there are ways to use premium tools for longer. If you’ve been part of the beta, developer All Turtles is giving away three months of premium access as a thank you. Students and teachers who confirm their status by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with their school e-mail addresses are also given a one-year premium package free of charge.

It was made available for distribution via the Mmhmm ​​website. Big Sur can be used on Mac computers with Catalina or Mojave. While it is planned to come to the Mac App Store, the preparations for the Windows version are also in the beta phase.


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