Fun Spider-Man Remastered mod Turns the Player into Kermit the Frog


After four years of being a PlayStation exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man is no longer limited to the console. Now that Spider-Man Remastered has been released on PC, it has opened the floodgates for many players who want to try to modify the game. In this PC port, several creators have added mods for Spider-Man, many of which have been based on different versions of the character over the years, and one modder even added Spider-Man from the Neversoft PS1 game to this game. While new costumes are to be expected, several new characters have also been modified to replace Spider-Man.

There were so many mods that replaced the web head with some suitable and not very suitable options. There are no restrictions for these mods, including those that replaced Spider-Man with Daredevil, CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and others. However, one of the funniest options is from TangoTeds, which replaced the web with the most iconic doll of all time — Kermit the frog.

In this Spider-Man mod, Kermit replaces the default suit in the game, an Enhanced suit. This means that as soon as the game loads, players can start kicking the bad guys like an evil green frog. This gives the ludicrous but ultimately hilarious spectacle of Kermit using Spider-Man’s abilities to run around New York, throw manhole covers at enemies, and even practice some martial arts to stop crime. This mod can be downloaded from NexusMods, and only a Spider-Man PC modding tool is required to install it.

There is always something funny about seeing Kermit the frog playable in a game where he is an unsuitable addition, and the TangoTeds mod continues this trend. His Twitter account shows various gameplay videos of the mod in action, which completely relieve any tension of the original scenes due to the fact that Kermit is simply present there. In a separate game video of the voice actor Artemis the Devil, whose YouTube videos often contain parodies of Kermit the frog, Kermit is seen singing “Sunflower” Post Malone while traveling around New York, a song that Miles Morales sings in Into the Spiderverse.

However, TangoTeds is not limited only to ironic mods for the game. His Twitter account and NexusMods have a lot of cool costume mods, for example, the one in which he added a costume from “The New Spider-Man 2” to the game. Another tweet shows off a mod pack in which the Spider wears different versions of the Venom Symbiote costume, as well as one based on Otto Octavius’ passing as the Supreme Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Remastered is already available on PC and PS5.


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