Fun playable version of Among Us 100% Brazilian


Fans developed a fully playable version of Among Us, now located not only in Portuguese, but with numerous references to Brazil. The project, which is basically a very well crafted reskin, has been completely altered to create a national identity, from the design and names of the rooms and the astronauts, to the mechanics themselves.

The Brazilian version of Among Us already draws attention right on the home menu, with all the options located in PT-BR and the game title itself with the Brazilian colors. As you can see in the images, the map was completely reworked to receive rooms with names of companies and national services, while the crew was called “guys” and the imposter “vacillary”.

Some customization options have been added, such as classic tufts and mirrored sunglasses. In addition, the tasks also gained new animations and descriptions, making everything much more interesting and fun for Brazilian players.

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