KAACHI debuted recently, but it already has a story to tell. Find out some important facts about KAACHI’s history.

A few months after their debut, the girls of KAACHI have already given a lot to talk about and, although there are divided opinions about this group, the members remain firm and determined to show their qualities.

KAACHI debuted earlier this year with a different proposal than what had been seen before. With the help of their agency, the girls seek to unite the best of music in different parts of the world and make their way in the industry.

Although it is still too early to determine what the group’s performance will be like in the future, KAACHI has already appeared before music fans through their debut.

Keep reading and learn a little about KAACHI and its members through these curiosities:

KAACHI is a group made up of 4 girls, Nicole and Chunseo are Spanish, Dani is British and the last member is Coco, a Korean national.

Nicole, Chunseo and Dani had known each other before debuting as KAACHI, since they were part of a dance cover group.

In 2019, there was a dance competition in London. This was the event where 3 of the KAACHI members were recruited.

Although their agency saw potential in them, the members of this group received training at one of today’s most popular dance studios, 1 Million Dance Studio.

They had their music debut by releasing their first music video, this clip belongs to the song Your Turn.

They belong to an agency called Front Row Records

Her agency revealed that the name KAACHI comes from a Korean term that is used to refer to ‘unity, courage, and fellowship.’

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The reason that Chunseo changed her name was because, in the first place, it would be difficult to pronounce using the Korean alphabet and also, because she is a fan of Teen Top, whose fandom is called Angel (Cheonsa if translated into Korean).

The youngest member is Chunseo, born in 2000, while Coco is the oldest and was born in 1994.

KAACHI has called itself the UK’s first K-Pop group.


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