Fullscreen surprise from Samsung! Under-screen camera


Information has emerged that Samsung has been working on an under-screen camera about seven months ago. Now, internal leaks have emerged that Samsung is making attempts for this new fullscreen experience. But what will be the first Samsung smartphone with a six-screen camera?

Which Samsung model will be used in full screen?

Notched screen, notched screen, perforated screen, pop-up camera, Samsung also took action for a full-screen smartphone experience. This technology, which was first introduced with the ZTE Axon 20 5G, has been tried by Xiaomi for a long time. Finally, Huawei had received a patent for an under-screen camera.

However, according to the information received, the Galaxy Fold 3, one of the flagship smartphone models of Samsung 2021, will use an under-screen camera. Evidence for this is based on internal leaks.

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Judging by the reports based on this leak in the South Korean media, Samsung is trying to increase the inter-pixel space on OLED displays. Thus, it will be easier for the under-screen camera to receive light. However, it is claimed that Samsung has developed software that corrects this because the light will be broken by the OLED image layer.

As you know, the under-screen camera in the ZTE Axon 20 5G model works with a similar logic. The predictions are that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 will appear in the third quarter of 2021.

All signs show that 2021 smartphone models will provide the user with a full screen experience. Apart from Samsung, it is possible to see models with under-screen camera technology from Xiaomi and Huawei for next year. So, which one of the big players will appear first with this technology? We are waiting your comments.


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