Fuller House: Why the DJ’s husband was killed


The husband of a DJ (Candice Cameron-Bure) at Fuller House was killed early – but why did it happen? In 2016, Netflix launched the spin-off “Full House”, which brought the Tanners back to the small screen. However, this time the focus was shifted to the children of Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), DJ and Stephanie (Jodie Sweeting), as well as their friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber), who actually replaced Michelle after the Olsen twins did not return to Fuller House. .

All three main characters received their arches throughout the five seasons of “Fuller House”. Unlike “Full House,” which focused on children and their relationship with their parents, the Netflix spin-off decided to tackle the lives of DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy as they became adults in the narrative. However, more interest was aroused by the DJ, who still has not recovered from the death of her husband, Tommy Fuller Sr., who became the catalyst for the events of Fuller House. However, the beginning of the sequel with a tragedy seemed too dark for a sitcom.

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However, that didn’t stop Fuller House from killing the DJ’s husband before the show debuted in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of the original ABC series of the 80s/90s, with Fuller House essentially copying the premise of his parent series. Just as Pam Tanner’s death marked the beginning of “Full House,” Netflix used Tommy Sr.’s death to bring Stephanie and Kimmy under one roof as they supported the recently widowed DJ. In the original series, the loss of Danny led to Jesse (John Stamos) and Joey (Dave Cooler) They moved in with him to help with his kids, while at Fuller House, the DJ accepts the help of his sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy, who are moving in. in and take part in the upbringing of DJ’s three sons.

Why DJ married Steve at Fuller House

Although Tommy Sr.’s death at Fuller House was an integral part of the story, he was hardly mentioned in the series. He did not take much importance in any of the narratives and was mentioned only a couple of times when the sitcom was dedicated to the DJ’s children and how they miss their father. Instead, the spin-off “Full House” didn’t spend much time creating a romance between the DJ and her high school sweetheart Steve (Scott Weinger). And although it took a while before they started dating again due to the existence of Matt (John Brotherton)-another potential love interest for the DJ—she and Steve ended up together and even tied the knot in the finale of Fuller House. This is further evidence that the byproduct was heavily influenced by nostalgia, as the way the couple revives their romance was such a great reward for everyone who watched them together in a “Full House.”

Be that as it may, the “Full House” did not linger on the death of Pam Tanner. However, the main difference is that in the original series, the family showed grief over the unexpected death of a loved one. In fact, there was even an episode dedicated to Danny’s guilt for continuing his life and opening up to dating again. Fuller House, on the other hand, viewed Tommy Sr.’s death as nothing more than a plot move to kick-start the events of the sitcom, which made it a little more empty in comparison.


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