Frozenheim Is A Simple And Inviting RTS For Casual Gamers


Frozenheim: Viking incursions go from strength to strength in the gaming world. Pagans who conquered lands in England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and France now roam the pixel seas.

Vikings are still in fashion and there is still an avalanche of games of the genre to be released on the market, many of them going unnoticed by players. One of them is Frozenheim.

Since it was announced, my eyes started to sparkle. Besides being a fan of real-time strategy, one of my favorites, he was always presented in a way that captivated lovers of the genre, always raising curiosity.

Frozenheim is different from Northgard and the future Viking City Builder, which has no release date yet. The game developed by Paranoid Interactive and distributed by Hyperstrange arrived on PC in the last week of May and draws heavily from the source found in classics like Age of Empires.

Pioneering the island

As it is a game in early access, the producer made available two missions, in addition to a free mode and a multiplayer mode. On the surface it may seem like little content, but it’s enough to get a sense of the greatness the game can achieve.

The missions serve as a tutorial, but have a consistent plot, simple to understand and focused on Norse mythology, which brings much more immersion to the game. Frozenheim is a real invitation for those who are not familiar with RTS games.

The graphics are a separate detail in Frozenheim. The scenery is very well done and dense, giving a good dimension of the land that would be cleared. The details are impressive, even at a great distance from the camera in front of the map.

The sea is well made, the forest has different hues, smoke and fire give life to everything that is found. Everything is in its place and makes the game very tasteful. Too bad the characters don’t follow this rule. It is felt that they could be more polished.

Another pertinent detail that makes the game ugly is the outline placed on the characters when you control them. Okay, it makes it easier to see where they are, but the company needs to think of a prettier way to show the game’s action.

Frozenheim has excellent optimization, withstanding the stride of playing at 4k and 60 fps. We hardly noticed a downgrade. The feedback note is for camera movement, which suffers when encountering high terrain, causing the player to lose a little sense of control over the map.


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