Frostpunk 2: There Are Already ‘scammers’ Trying to Make Money With The Game


Frostpunk 2: It’s common for us to buy — and pay — for games even before they launch, in the pre-order period. So, by the time the final product is ready, we get the game before everyone else — and in some cases, at more attractive prices. But what about a pre-sale of a game that the developer itself has not set the price?

That’s what’s happening with the Frostpunk sequel. It’s been a few days since 11 Bit Studios announced that there would be a new edition of the PC game, with only one trailer published so far. So when pages selling Frostpunk 2 “pre-sale keys” appeared on the Kinguin marketplace, some people were suspicious.

11 Bit Studios wasn’t too happy with the “pre-sale keys” on Kinguin and said on Twitter that there are “f*** scammers” making fake ads to deceive unsuspecting customers. After all, according to the producer, not even they know the definitive price of the game or its release date. The ads on Kinguin promise Frostpunk 2 for $37.50 — roughly 200 reais, at this Thursday’s (August 18) exchange rate.

Considering the prices of official console stores lately, 200so in a release it really is too good to be true, right friends?

Some people have even argued that this practice is common in the game reseller segment: they throw in a price and sell a product they don’t have yet, but in the end they actually end up making the game available when it becomes available. Still, the staff at 11 Bit Studios didn’t approve of the ads and said in a statement: “They’re selling something they don’t have and don’t even know if they’re going to have it. That’s unethical.”

The folks at Kinguin have apologized, dropped the “false information” and promised to make it clear that this is just a pre-sale. Pre-very pre-sales, in that case, since the first trailer for the game came out last week.

Why so much anxiety?

In light of this news, some people may wonder if this eagerness to buy Frostpunk 2 so far in advance is justified. Well, for those who liked the first title of the series, it has every justification! The game was quite successful at the time of its release in 2019, and was very well received by critics (including here on Voxel).

It is a city-building game, but with a very original premise: in an alternate timeline, the world froze at the end of the 19th century, and the player must manage resources to keep the survivors. The game mechanics are very well built, with decisions that really make a difference to your tempo. For this second edition, 11 Bit Studios has already promised that the mechanics will have political aspects that didn’t exist in the original Frostpunk.

But, anyway, we’ll have to wait a long time to try this game. So you don’t have to spend your rich $37.50 to buy it at Kinguin now. But if you want, the money is yours too, right? So what do you think of this story?


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