Frontiers of the Universe: already improving its 3ª season


His Dark Materials series is making a big hit on HBO. That’s because the 2nd season hasn’t even debuted in streaming or on television and the producers are already developing the 3rd season of the series. The information was confirmed by Joel Collins, one of the program’s executive producers.

Season 3 confirmation

Collins, in an interview with Radio Times, confirmed that production is in the early stages of development. During the conversation, he said:

“The world of the third season is excessively strange and complicated. The complexity is in terms of the terms of the story, the visuals and the narrative … There are few of us in a secret group making the first preparations, which is incredible and difficult. We are trying to solve a puzzle out of the eyes and ears ”.

We can expect, then, a new season well planned and of a very high level. This could be a consequence of a drop in the show’s audience. Although loved by HBO and BBC One, fans did not follow the enthusiasm for Frontiers of the Universe during the initial season.

Season 2 launch

Preparations started even before the current season aired. The expectation of the producers is that the 2nd season will recover the enthusiasm of the fans, who were in a great hype before the premiere.

The new season will follow Lyra’s (Dafne Keen) plans heading into the unknown and trying to overcome the death of Roger, her best friend. On the other hand, the series also follows the plans of Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), who used Roger’s energy to open a bridge to a new world.

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