From the creator of Silent Hill to mix game, terror and action


To the delight of fans of games like Silent Hill and Gravity Rush, its creator, Keiichiro Toyama, commented in an interview with the Japanese IGN that he plans to launch his new game in 2023. According to the developer, the game will mix elements of terror, action and adventure .

He did not mention exactly what the plot is, whether the title will be similar or will have the same style as his old creations, but at least he guaranteed that it should be something that fans of his projects will appreciate.

One of the few details he revealed is that the game will have a good focus on story elements and the battle system. Only with that, you can imagine that he did not lose his affection for games like the first ones in the Silent Hill franchise, which also had this focus.

When asked if he intends to focus the game more on the horror theme, Toyama replied that he did, but with the aim of being a pleasant experience for most players instead of something more hardcore.

For now, it has been confirmed that the main development platform for this project is the PC. Still, Toyama mentioned that he hopes to be able to launch it on some consoles as well.

Do you think this game has potential considering only its creator? Comment below if you are a fan of the Silent Hill franchise, Gravity Rush, Siren or other developer work.


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