‘From Meta’ Brand Already Appears On WhatsApp, Instagram And Facebook


Meta: Just over a week after the announcement of the new “Meta” brand, the “M”-shaped logo, which has been accused of copying by other companies, is already starting to appear in all the applications of what was once Facebook. Noticing the speed with which rebranding has been implemented in Mark Zuckerberg’s (now metaverse) universe, we see a rush to change the public’s perception of the old brand.

The new logo appears on all Android and iOS platform apps, showing that the rebranding is at the service of the Menlo Park giant’s strategy, which now invests all its chips in metaverse technology. By focusing on an immersive virtual universe, the company ends up moving away from its traditional premise of social networking, a name with which it was confused until the end of October.

With its exposure to billions of users, both in applications and in the media, the “metaverse” concept has gained such prominence that even other technology heavyweights, such as Microsoft, have invested in immersive environments. Last Tuesday (2), the Redmond company announced, during the Ignite 2021 event, its Mesh for Teams, which allows its users to use self-expressive avatars in virtual environments.

Dive into the metaverse or escape from Facebook?

Although Meta is known to be working on developing experiences with AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), specific details were not disclosed. It is not yet known to what extent these experiences announced with great prominence will affect, in practice, the operation of Facebook, the only product that kept its original name.

This may be a sign that, more than a plunge into the metaverse, the rebranding may be an attempt to dissociate the “Facebook” brand, which suffers lawsuits and accusations of unethical behavior all over the world. By adopting the Meta logo, the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, made a point of stressing that the messaging app was “more than just Facebook”.