From Horizon Zero Dawn To Forbidden West: See The Series’ Graphical Evolution


Horizon Zero Dawn: Before coming to PlayStation 4 in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn went through a long period from its testing stages to the final version. The game, which marked the first time Guerrilla Games had ventured to create an adventure with RPG elements, soon became popular with PlayStation fans. Now, a sequel is set to arrive for PS4 and PS5 later this year.

While Aloy’s new adventure doesn’t arrive, we go back a little bit in time to see the graphic evolution of Horizon, from the prototype, through the proof of concept, to Zero Dawn and Forbidden West.

Thanks to a compilation made by the Nixian channel, which specializes in game development and the history and evolution of video games, it is possible to follow a little bit of the trajectory of Guerrilla’s game.

It’s really cool to see that at the very beginning, when the idea behind Horizon was still starting to take shape, the producer even used Killzone files to assemble the game’s prototype. The huge electronic dinosaurs, extremely detailed and menacing in the final version of the game, looked almost harmless and assembled using only LEGO bricks.

It’s also interesting to note how Aloy has evolved over time, having not only undergone a radical change of look, but also having different voices — including one artificially generated, in the best “Google girl” style.

Horizon Forbidden West will take players to the forbidden west starting February 18, 2022, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS5.