From Hero to Villain: Shang-Chi SimuLu reacts to landing a major concert opposite Jay Lo


As a rule, actors do not seek to be seen exclusively in one role, and many make concentrated efforts in their careers to demonstrate their range. Simu Liu, less than a year after he became a star in “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” now finds himself on a familiar path. Viewers are just starting to see him as a good guy on the big screen — no less an outstanding hero of the Marvel cinematic universe — but he recently signed up for the role of a villain in the upcoming Netflix thriller Atlas, and he is clearly ready for this role. .

It was announced yesterday that Simu Liu will star alongside Jennifer Lopez and Sterling K. Brown in a new sci-fi streaming movie, and the actor took to his personal Twitter account to celebrate the occasion. He’s clearly excited about the opportunity to work with a couple of awfully talented people, but his message seems to suggest that he’s especially excited about the opportunity to play a villain. The Shang Chi star wrote:

I am glad to join this phenomenal cast of people as I ENTER THE ERA OF THE VILLAIN MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

There is an old aphorism among the performers that playing a villain is more fun, and Simu Liu is clearly looking forward to the opportunity to swim in this pool.

In Atlas, Simu Liu will play as an android with artificial intelligence, who, acting as a soldier, determines that the only way to end the war on Earth is to destroy the human race. With this description, it doesn’t look like the star will have many opportunities to twirl his mustache (or laugh maliciously, for that matter), but this is a character who is not necessarily morally constrained, and one can imagine that Liu has fun portraying this archetypal coldness.

The upcoming Netflix movie is directed by Brad Payton, whose latest film was an adaptation of the 2018 video game Rampage starring Dwayne Johnson.

We haven’t seen Sima Liu in feature films since the release of “Shang Chi,” but this drought will soon end with a flood, as he has been exceptionally busy lately and has completed work on a number of films. Currently, he has a number of films in the post-production stage, including “One True Love” with Philippa Su, “Hello Stranger” with Robbie Amell and Jordana Brewster, “King Arthur” with Mark Wahlberg and Nathalie Emmanuel, “Barbie” with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling (a project thatapparently, waxing is required).

In addition to Atlas, he is currently developing Shang Chi 2, which continues his adventures in the Marvel cinematic universe, and Last Gasp, a drama based on the documentary of the same name starring Woody Harrelson and Djimon Hounsou.

Aron Eli Colate, who has experience working with Netflix as the creator of Locke & Key, is writing the latest draft of the script for Atlas, and it has not yet been announced when the film is scheduled to go into production. If you are really eager to see more of the Shang Chi star right now, let us recommend our Simu Liu What To Watch guide for you to read.

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