From hell to heaven, Lucifer is the new ruler


Dennis Haysbert made his big debut as God in the final moments of the finale of Lucifer, currently directed by Netflix, but what does this mean for the fallen angel?


At the end of the fifth season, part one, God came to Earth in an attempt to end the chaos that raged between his children, Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Michael, and Amenadiel (DB Woodside).


Fortunately, on New Years Eve, the show’s official Twitter account posted a fan cam video, recapping what had happened in season five so far.


Just when it seemed like the 57-second montage was coming to an end, the final five seconds featured a scene from the show’s fifth season episode nine.


The episode ends with God standing behind the fallen angel and touching him on the shoulder, where he says: I have come to ask you something. With the hand of God on his shoulder, the lord of darkness is trembling, but it is unknown whether it is from anger, fear or sadness.


If the reunion of Lucifer and God is on wheels, there is always the possibility that he can resume his identity as the angel Samael. Some fans have even gone so far in suggesting that he could become the new ruler of heaven.


One fan explained that he thinks it is an interesting thought to consider that God’s plan is to test Lucifer in his abilities to replace him, with Chloe (Lauren German) becoming the new goddess.


Fans will have to wait until Season 5, Part Two arrives later this year on Netflix to find out what God’s coming to Earth means to Lucifer.


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