From hair clips to eyeliner: Billy Eilish brings back the school fashion of the 2000s at the EMMA Gala


From touching and unusual tracks to a revolutionary fashion sense, Billie Eilish has given us many reasons to call her the most versatile artist of the era. Recently, the seven-time Grammy Award winner received the EMA Mission Award for her work on a sustainable environment with her mother, once again proving her wonderful personality.

Last Saturday, the EMA Gala hosted an annual awards ceremony dedicated to the works of many artists, such as Nikki Reed and actress Malin Okerman, who graced the ceremony. While they were all in spectacular outfits, Billie Eilish outshone everyone again, walking along the green carpet in her incomparable outfit. She was dressed in eye-popping clothes, a perfect pair of shoes and some jewelry to add a little sparkle. Not only her clothes, but also her makeup attracted the attention of many. And if you belong to the high school students of the 2000s, the views of pop stars will surely dumbfound you.

Billie Eilish brought back the school era of the 2000s with her image at the EMA Gala.

As you can see in the picture below, Eilish split her hair in the middle and trimmed her bangs with matching black barrettes, and tied the rest of her hair in a loose ponytail. Not only that, she kept her makeup minimal but stunning like a high school girl.

Billie Eilish is depicted with black hair parted in the middle, a pinned clip and black eyeliner along the waterline.

The 20-year-old artist also kept her thick and natural eyebrows. She also applied thick black eyeliner to the upper waterline to make her eyes brighter, rather than smokey-eye or shimmering shadows. Well, Avril Lavigne would certainly be proud of her choice.

She tweaked her retro look with eyeliner on her upper eyelids, a gentle smear of mascara, peach lips and blush on her cheeks for a perfect fusion of retro trends and classic elegance. We are overjoyed with her numerous upcoming experiments concerning her appearance. She has come a long way and there is still a lot to do, and Ocean Eyessinger is here to conquer the world.

Did Eilish’s fancy retro outfit take your breath away? Let us know in the comments section below.


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