From gentle psychic to brave detective, Millie Bobby Brown leaves fans stunned by “Enola Holmes 2”


The world premiere of the Netflix series “Tudum” gave people a huge amount of content to discuss. Almost all of the greatest shows and some major films have announced their sequels and release dates for upcoming seasons. And those who didn’t, looked into their kits. Similarly, one of Mila Bobby Brown’s most anticipated films on Netflix, Enola Holmes 2, has received its trailer.

“Enola Holmes 2” is Brown’s huge comeback on Netflix. The last time the actress appeared in the blockbuster series “Very strange Things” on the streaming giant in May. But this time, instead of fighting the Demogorgon, our Eleven will solve the mystery.

Millie Bobby Brown, aka Enola, has her own detective agency.

After the events of Enola Holmes 2020, we discover that Enola is trying to find a place for herself by opening a detective business. Obviously, she wants more than just being Sherlock Holmes’ sister, and wants to shine on her own. However, she faces great difficulties in getting cases, as she is a girl, and a young one at that, in London in the 1800s.

While Sherlock is busy with a complicated case himself, Enola soon receives a missing person case. But as the teaser shows, there is a connection between the two cases, and the Holmes siblings must work together to solve the mystery.

Netizens are so sensitive to Brown that they can’t seem to get enough of her. They are thrilled with yesterday’s trailer release, as we get an idea of what the sequel has in store for us.


Fans are very excited to see Millie in the movie again. Especially after a long wait of 2 years, since the first part was released in 2020.


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