From Diablo to Angelic — The AAA Web3 Game Finds a Home in ImmutableX


Game developers who previously worked on Far Cry, League of Legends and Diablo Immortal are targeting ImmutableX for the AAA Web3 MMORPG Angelic.

Metaverse Game Studios has announced that it plans to use the Ethereum-based Web3 ImmutableX platform for its upcoming MMORPG Triple-A Angelic.

“We were incredibly lucky to find a partner who shares the same values as Angelic,” says Anastasia Volgemut, Operating Director of Metaverse Games Studios. “By using ImmutableX, our users can take advantage of fast, secure and gas-free coinage, as well as a smooth and high-quality gameplay.”

Created using Unreal Engine 5, Angelic features a stunning cinematic-quality visual design in a dark science fiction with an emphasis on storytelling. Angelic is a role—playing game with turn-based battles taking place in a shared universe, using blockchain elements to control the world. According to Metaverse Game Studios, what sets Angelic apart from others is “its laser focus on creating a vibrant and engaging world and gameplay, ensuring that traditional gamers can enjoy it as much as players using Web3.” The main goal of the game is to provide the best gaming capabilities, it will be “independent of the network” and will be hosted offline with the ability to connect to various chains through a specially created backend for an explicitly unspecified use case. Metaverse Game Studios wants to make Angelic a smooth and unobtrusive gameplay that somehow simultaneously meets the requirements of both Web2 and Web3, becoming a “collaborate to earn” game, whatever that means.

And yes, Angelic will have digital collectible NFTs.

“It’s nice to see that well-known AAA gaming companies, such as Metaverse Games Studios, are actively using digital property and player-driven game models. We are very pleased to offer a complete set of ImmutableX tools and solutions and to work with their team to provide all Angelic players with the fairest, most inclusive and innovative Web3 capabilities,” said Immutable Vice President for Global Business Development Andrew Sorokovsky, despite the fact that he calls the company, which has not yet released a single game., the “AAA level gaming company” is dubious at best. To its credit, however, Metaverse Game Studios has developers who have previously worked on Triple-A games. But Metaverse Game Studios — a triple-rated company — is not.

Metaverse Game Studios states that alpha testing of the game will be open in January 2023 for “selected community members and partners”, followed by a public launch in February 2023.


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