From Dead Sharks to Rotten Octopuses: Horror Movie-like Images from an Abandoned Aquarium [Video]


Images taken in an abandoned aquarium attracted great attention on social media. It was noteworthy that the corpses of the sea creatures in the images were decomposed like zombies.

The spooky footage of a zombie-looking shark corpse and other dead sea creatures shared by a couple entering an abandoned, unnamed aquarium quickly went viral.

Although the explorer couple did not reveal the exact location of the aquarium, where most of the animals were evacuated after the damage, but some were left, they noted that the aquarium was located somewhere in Spain and was closed in 2014 after a giant 13-metre wave damaged the building. The news of the Spanish news site The Local that a wave of this size hit the northwest coast of Spain in January 2014, causing serious damage, indicates that the abandoned aquarium may most likely be in this region.

The animals in the video are stated to be already ‘dead’ when they were on display.
In the video, which shows the decaying remains of a small reef shark inside a broken display case, judging from the size of the aquarium in which it was found, it appears that the shark was already dead when it was first displayed. This means that the shark’s corpse was displayed in an airtight aquarium, possibly undergoing some chemical treatment to preserve its integrity, and when the aquarium was broken it slowly began to decompose into a zombie-like state.

Speaking about their discovery, one of the explorers states that it is very sad to discover the decomposed remains of the shark.

In addition to the shark remains, the images shared by the explorer couple also show the decayed remains of an octopus and squid inside the broken glass jars. Like the shark, these animals are thought to be already dead when the aquarium is abandoned, possibly starting to rot after the jars containing formaldehyde have been shattered.

In addition to these, it is seen that there are two starfish left behind in the video. However, unlike the animals we mentioned earlier, it is stated that sea stars do not show any signs of decay because they are completely dry before being exhibited.

Finally, the images of a giant squid in the video draws attention. However, the explorer couple states that this is not real like other creatures and is a realistic replica made of foam.

Spooky video of couple exploring abandoned aquarium