From Casual To Heavy User: How To Choose A Good Notebook?


Notebook: Do you have questions when buying a notebook? Are you afraid to choose a more powerful model than you really need, for example? Or maybe opt for a simpler computer, but one that doesn’t do the job? What is the best setting for you to use? We know these are common questions, so we’re here to help.

Choosing a computer can seem complicated, especially considering the number of technical specifications to be observed. Processor, RAM memory, graphics card, storage, screen size and machine weight are just some of the important details.

But after all, how to choose the ideal settings for you in a notebook?

It all depends on the usage profile

The answer to this question will depend on each person’s usage profile. We know that it can be a little confusing, initially, to understand the necessary settings for each type of use, so we intend to demystify that in this text.

Want to see it? So check out what the three most common usage profiles are.

Casual user

A casual profile is that type of person who uses a notebook for basic everyday tasks, such as internet browsing and online interaction (social media, messaging apps, etc.). It is also common for this user to use the machine for professional tasks, leisure and studies.

Based on that, we can conclude that the casual user doesn’t need a super powerful machine. It generally depends more on internet connection speed than processing, RAM and storage.

A machine like the Dell Inspiron 14 (2 in 1) is a great choice for this type of user. In one of its configurations, it comes with an Intel™ Core© i5 processor, Windows 11, 256 GB SSD storage and a good integrated graphics card, which does the trick.

After all, as you’ve saved on processing, you can invest a little more in storage to store your photos and files. This model from Dell also has a touch display, which makes using the computer even more intuitive.

A final tip when choosing is to look for models that offer good mobility – that is, that are light, thin and compact.

And, in addition to a simpler notebook that does the job, you may still need a mouse and a wireless headset for even more convenience in your day-to-day! A good choice is the MS3320W mouse, which quickly connects to your computer wirelessly or via Bluetooth, plus a three-year warranty, and the WL522 wireless headset, which is wireless and still delivers high-quality audio for you to use. all day on calls or to listen to music.