From 2002 to 2022! All the similarities between the two engagements of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez


History repeats itself. Almost two decades after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got engaged for the first time, the Oscar winner made another proposal.

“Saturday night at my favorite place on earth (in a bubble bath) my beautiful love got down on one knee and proposed,” the “Dance Again” singer wrote in the April issue of her newsletter “On the JLo” for 2022. “I was completely taken by surprise and just looked into his eyes, smiling and crying at the same time.”

She continued, “[I] struggled to grasp the fact that after 20 years, this is happening again and again. I was literally speechless, and he said, “Is that right?” I said, “Yes, of course it is.”

The star of the wedding stir smiled as she showed off her engagement ring with a green diamond in several photos in the newsletter.

“I was smiling so big and tears were streaming down my face, feeling incredibly happy and whole,” she recalled. “It wasn’t anything special, but it was the most romantic thing I could ever imagine… just a quiet Saturday night at home, two people promising to always be there for each other. Two very happy people. Who got a second chance at true love.”

After meeting on the set of “Giglia” in 2002, the couple soon fell in love, and in November of the same year, the star of “Clever Will Hunting” proposed for the first time. Their relationship has been in the spotlight since the beginning, and “excessive media attention” was one of the reasons Affleck and Lopez called off their wedding just days before they were due to get married in September 2003. Four months later they broke up.

“I think it’s another time, another thing, who knows what could have happened, but there was real love,” Lopez told Jess Cagle in March 2016.

The Argo director echoed these sentiments in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in January 2022, explaining that the attention to his relationship with Lopez completely overshadowed their work on Gigli. “It became a story in itself. The funny name, the romance of Jennifer Lopez and the over—disclosure of it all—it was kind of a perfect storm,” Affleck explained. Despite the fact that he became one of the most memorable failures of the early 2000s, he does not regret that he made a crime film.

“If it wasn’t for the reaction to Gigli, I probably wouldn’t have ended up deciding, ‘I have no other way but to make films,’ which turned out to be the true love of my professional life. — recalled the star of the “Justice League”. “And I met Jennifer, whose relationship was very significant to me in my life.”

The couple confirmed they had resumed their romance in July 2021, via an Instagram post that reminded fans of Lopez’s 2002 music video for “Jenny From the Block.” Although there was a lot in common between the two engagements, the “Get Right” performer revealed that this time they made one major change.

“I think last time we learned that love, when you’re lucky enough to find it, is so sacred and special that you have to keep a little bit of it a secret, and that’s what we learned,” she said. during an appearance on Today in February 2022. “But we’re very happy if that’s what you’re wondering.”

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The famous Affleck offered Lopez a ring with a 6.1-carat pink diamond, the cost of which was estimated at $ 2.5 million. “I met [Barbra Streisand] at an Oscar party many years ago, and at that time I was engaged to Ben Affleck, and she really loves diamonds, which I didn’t know about,” Lopez recalled during an interview with Zane Lowe in April 2020. “He gave me a pink diamond, which caused a lot of noise in the press and was anything. I loved getting it, don’t get me wrong. So she came up to me and seemed to have heard about him. I” I like: “Oh my God.” And she’s like, “Can I see your ring?”

In 2022, the actor of “Disappeared” gave her a ring with a green diamond weighing 8.5 carats, a very rare stone, with two smaller diamonds on the sides. “Green has always been my lucky color, and now, for sure, it will always be so,” the Hustlers star wrote in her newsletter shortly after the proposal. The new ring is estimated at $10 million.


When Affleck first asked this question, he arranged a sentimental, personal moment between him and Lopez at his parents’ home in Boston. “It’s just a blanket, a blanket of rose petals, all over the house. So many candles, and vases, and bouquets. I didn’t expect this, and I just thought: “My God,” she recalled during an interview with ABC News in November 2002. After reading her a heartfelt letter, the “Daredevil” star asked Lopez to marry him. “It was too difficult for me,” she said, adding that he had to remind her that she hadn’t said yes yet. “I thought, ‘Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”