Frogwares Announces Detective Game Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One


Frogwares, which managed to draw attention with the Sherlock Holmes games it released, announced the new game Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. The game, which will be released in 2021, will also be compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Frogwares, which has been released in the past with its story-driven games, has officially announced its new game. According to the company announcements, the new game will be a new Sherlock Holmes game, which we have seen in the past, and will come under the name “Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One”.

Frogwares does not give an exact release date about his new game. However, according to the statements, the game will be released next year and will be compatible with PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X. Also, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users will be able to play this game. So Frogwares will bring a brand new Sherlock Holmes experience not only to the owners of new game consoles that will be released later this year, but also to players on other platforms.

The explanations made by Frogwares reveal the story of this game. According to the statements, the actors will accompany the life of 21-year-old Holmes, who has just lost her mother in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. Holmes will try to uncover a curious mystery of the town where he lives with his friend Jonathan.

The subject of the game is a little older than the Sherlock Holmes games released in the past years. Although this is a bit confusing by gamers, actually Frogwares’ producer Sergey Oganesyan explains this confusing situation very well. Oganesyan says their aim in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is to explain how Holmes was a great detective.

Immediately after the statements made by Frogwares, this game has been added to online gaming platforms like Steam and Epic Games. However, we currently do not have any price information. The information we currently have is limited to this extent and we have a trailer. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the trailer of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One promotional video