Frightening Statement from Bill Gates: A New Pandemic Process Is Inevitable


Bill Gates made new statements about the new COVID-19 outbreaks at the Munich Security Congress. Gates explained that a new pandemic process is inevitable and that it is necessary to act more quickly to develop vaccines in future outbreaks.
Recently, new research has emerged that much more deadly variants than Omicron may emerge after the Omicron variant of COVID-19. While a new research on COVID-19 continues almost every day, the number of cases around us is also increasing.

Bill Gates warned about 6 years ago that we could experience an epidemic just like the coronavirus we are experiencing now. Continuing his statements about the COVID-19 epidemic today, Gates says that we need to be prepared for new epidemics that may arise from other living species in the future. Bill Gates added a new one at the Munich Conference, where he attended his statements about COVID-19.

“A new pandemic process is inevitable”
According to Bill Gates, the vast majority of the world’s population has gained some immunity against the virus, but the reason for this immunity is not the vaccines; the virus itself. Stating that the number of people who survived COVID-19 has decreased by a large amount, but a new pandemic is almost inevitable, Gates suggested that the new pandemic that may occur may be caused by a different pathogen of the coronavirus family that can put human health at risk.

Bill Gates, who said that it is necessary to act more quickly to develop a vaccine in the pandemic processes that may occur in the future, said, “Unfortunately, the virus itself, especially the variant called Omicron, became a kind of vaccine. “The virus has done a better job of reaching the world’s population than we did with vaccines,” he said. It seems that Bill Gates will continue to support vaccine development studies, as well as in new epidemics that may appear in the future. We hope that we will not go through another pandemic period and there will be no further development of a vaccine for COVID-19 or its possible new pathogen. Stay healthy…