Frightening sight from Xbox Series X users!


Some Xbox Series X users have started to share problems with their devices on social media. Xbox Series X, whose video was shared by a user, came to the fore with hardware problems.

Xbox Series X is on the agenda with hardware problems

Today, some Xbox Series X users posted videos on Twitter claiming that their device was smoking and not working. It spread rapidly on the Internet in a short time. Although Microsoft has not made an official statement yet, a Twitter user named Xbox Studio claimed that the videos were fake.

Xbox Series X donanımsal sorunlar ile gündemde

Some users shared other problems of the device. A user shared a video on Twitter, stating that the disc reader is not working. Another user posted a video claiming strange noises were coming from his Xbox Series X device.

Although some videos cannot be proven correct, it can be clearly seen that the disk reader problem is real. It is not yet known how Microsoft will take action and explain about this issue.


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