Frightening Development For Bitcoin (BTC)


A part of CNBC’s Fast Money program, where Brian Kelly was a guest, was shared on Twitter. The cryptocurrency community, which saw CNBC as a negative effect for Bitcoin (BTC), reacted to this situation.

BKCM CEO Brian Kelly participated in CNBC’s “Fast Money” program. Part of the program was shared on Twitter. There was a reaction from many people, including important names in the cryptocurrency community. The reason for this is that CNBC is considered a negative indicator for BTC.

The Relationship Between CNBC and Bitcoin

Popular analyst Jacob Canfield published a graph in 2018 showing the inverse correlation between CNBC’s tweets and Bitcoin’s movements. According to this chart, CNBC is causing Bitcoin to fall.

Late yesterday, Bitcoin surged to a 2020 high of $ 16,494 on Bitstamp before closing some of its recent gains. The cryptocurrency saw its highest 13-day closing ever on November 12. After these gains, CNBC tweeted such a tweet worried the community. For example, analyst Benjamin Bluntz said, “That’s exactly what I wanted to see when starting to make money. Thank you ”. Josh Rager was also among the names that reacted to this situation.

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