Frightening Development of the Corona Virus Incubation Period

Another bad development has occurred with the Corona virus, which still has no cure. A case occurred in which the incubation period of the disease was 27 days. Longer incubation time can lead to more difficult control of the disease.

According to official data, the Corona virus, which causes more than 2,400 deaths, makes it more difficult to fight disease and early diagnosis, as it shows its effects relatively late. In the first observations, it was concluded that the incubation period of the virus was 14 days, but a new case that could occur could override this information.

In a 70-year-old infected man living in Hubei, China, which we can call the epicenter of the Corona virus, the duration of symptoms manifested much later than previously predicted. The old man did not show any symptoms for 27 days.

Increasing the incubation period
The longer incubation time of the Corona virus means that it can be much more difficult to fight the disease. The long incubation period can make it very difficult to prevent the spread of the disease, which killed more than 2,000 people and spread outside China.

According to the information on the official website of the government in Hubei, the center of the virus, Jiang, who was given only his last name, set out from Ezhou in the south of Hubei to Shennongjia, where his infected sister lives. According to the official statement, the old man who was fired on February 20, appeared to have a Corona virus.

According to official figures, a total of 2,464 people died due to the Corona virus. 2,443 of 2,464 fatal cases occurred in China. The countries with the highest number of deaths after China are as follows; Iran (6), South Korea (5), Diamond Princess ship (2), Italy (2). In the other five countries where mortal cases occurred, 6 people died in total.

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