Frieza from Dragon Ball is really terrifying in the mythical fanart redesign


The Dragon Ball villain, known as Frieza, has been a constant thorn in Goku’s side for years that fans can’t count, and since his appearance, he has become one of the strongest and scariest opponents the Z-Fighters have ever faced. And now, in terrifying fan art, Frieza is getting a new mythical redesign, drawn in the style of a unique Japanese genre that both fans and haters of the character should see!

This account, posted on Twitter under the username @Justin96636, is known for creating original works of art drawn in the centuries-old Japanese ukiyo—e style – a choice that strengthened the presence of @Justin96636 on social networks as a truly unique and talented creative person. . Posting images of characters and moments from “Dragon Pearls”, “Van Pease”, “Attacks on Titans” and others, @Justin96636 is an artist who knows how to see everything boring; something has become especially obvious with this particular Frieza piece.

A character first introduced in Dragon Ball Z, who at the time acted as the main antagonist when the Z-Fighters went to Piccolo’s home planet, Hint, Friza was not only responsible for the near-total eradication of the Saiyan race, but was also the villain who pushed Goku to the limit and forced him to turn into a powerful yellow-haired Super Sayana. Having returned from the dead more than once, Friza has used four different forms of power-up throughout the Dragon Ball franchise (Frieze’s fur doesn’t count as it was more of an upgrade than a transformation), and one last transformation even turned him into a golden god!

Choosing to focus on Frieze’s powerful fourth transformation, @Justin96636 portrays this villainous character in all his sinister glory as he stands front and center in a menacing and menacing pose. Painted in white and purple with golden outlines around his body, Friza is painted with a ferocious oni-like grin on his face, and his red eyes and glowing aura complete the terrifying look. In addition, @Justin96636 throws a little Easter egg in the form of Dragon Pearls for fans, because behind the formidable form of the Frieze are his super elite warriors, an overcompensating team known as Ginyu Force!

@Justin96636 brought to life another outstanding work of art in the form of one of the best villains of the “Dragon Pearl”. This is not only impressive, but also fan art in its peak and purest form. Frieza from Dragon Ball is a frightening character if you draw him regularly, so be sure to visit the @Justin96636 page to see how much scarier this Saiyan killer can be if illustrated in ukiyo-e style!