Friendships that will steal your heart in Korean dramas


The K-Dramas took us to meet some groups of friends who became unforgettable. Although the Doramas are productions where romance usually carries great weight in the story, these series also allow us to see other types of links that are part of the characters’ day-to-day lives, so some friends of the protagonists also gain our attention. .

When a K-Drama introduces us to a couple or group of friends in its story, we know that there will be some important lessons to be learned as they will be able to endure hardships thanks to the support they provide and receive from each other.

However, the way in which friendships arise and develop in K-Dramas is usually very varied, there may be friends who share a lifestyle or others who are totally opposite, they may dislike each other at the beginning or they may know each other. from childhood, but circumstances will lead them to know the true meaning and meaning of friendship.

Do you have a favorite group or duo of friends in K-Dramas? Here we tell you about some characters from Korean dramas who are friends and managed to captivate us thanks to the bond they share.

Tell us which of them is your favorite or if you think there is someone missing from this list of drama characters.

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Captain Yoo Shi Jin and Sergeant Seo Dae Yung

These characters from Descendants of the Sun took us on great adventures as part of their daily lives as members of the army, but the most fun was seeing them live together as great friends, capable of joking and giving each other words of encouragement. They were together facing life and death situations, but they also had moments where their loyalty, friendship and appreciation were demonstrated.

Min Ha Ri and Kim Hye Jin

In She Was Pretty, this duo taught us that even when the whole world turns their back on you, your best friend will always be there to support you and fight by your side. These girls formed a very special bond that gave way to a lasting friendship where honesty and affection were key, since despite having very different personalities, they realized that their feelings united them.

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Yoo Hye Jung and Kim Soo Chul

These Doctor Crush characters showed us that friendship isn’t always perfect, but a bad beginning doesn’t mean a bad ending. Hye Jung and Kim Soo Chul met when he was a student and he wanted to date him. At the time, Soo Chul was also a troublesome boy and Hye Jung continued to reject him, but over time they became great friends, always proud of each other’s triumphs.

Bok Joo, Sun Ok and Nan Hee

These girls were part of the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo drama and they gave us very funny moments. These girls had a lot in common, since they understood the lifestyle that their companions led, but also, they were always willing to help, motivate and support the decisions of others. This group of three girls showed us that loyalty and trust are essential in a friendship, so there is nothing to hide or be ashamed of in front of your true friends.

The Immortal Being and The Angel of Death

The Goblin characters began as mortal enemies, however, their lives were united due to the tragic fate they had shared for years. Not everything was bad, since over time and after becoming housemates, they learned to have fun together and to appreciate their company.


These girls are part of the K-Drama One More Happy Ending. Han Mi Mo, Hong Ae, Baek Da Jung, and Go Dong Mi are four friends who have known each other since the four of them were members of an idol group called Angels, but years later their friendship remains as strong as before. Now they are adults and each one faces problems in their professional, love and family life, but they always have someone to turn to when they need company and a dose of happiness.

Belle epoque girls

Yoon Jin Myung, Kang Yi Na, Jung Ye Eun, song Ji Won, and Yoo Eun Jae are five girls we met in the drama Age of Youth, they are all college students who live in the same house. The relationship between them seems to be not very good, but when one of them faces difficulties, all of them prove that beyond appearances, they have become a group of friends willing to support each other.


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