Friendship is Hell in the first trailer of my Best Friend’s Exorcism


In life, people come and go, and true friendship is able to withstand any harsh conditions — even exorcism. In the horror comedy “The Exorcism of My Best Friend”, filmed on Amazon Prime Video in 1988, Elsie Fisher and Emiya Miller portray the best friends of school age, Abby and Gretchen, whose lives seem normal, but everything changes when supernatural energy enters their lives. The film, based on the novel by Grady Hendrix, is directed by Damon Thomas from Killing Eve, and Jenna Lamia from Good Girl also serves as a screenwriter.

The first trailer for the movie “The Exorcism of My Best Friend”, which will be available for streaming next month, September 30, gives an idea of what awaits us in the upcoming horror comedy. The scene is framed in costumes and music of the 80s, as everything begins to change for Abby and Gretchen. After the trip to the lake becomes creepy, Gretchen’s behavior begins to change, and she sees herself writing down questionable mantras in a notebook, holding a knife in her hands and rolling her eyes. When Abby confesses to a religious weightlifter named Christian (played by Christopher Lowell), he tells her that the only way to get Gretchen back is by exorcism.

The trailer for My Best Friend’s Exorcism continues to depict Abby and Christian and their attempt to release an evil spirit from Gretchen’s body, which seems very chaotic, as Gretchen is depicted demonically screaming, tied to a bed, while Abby cries and Christian greets them. ve “got himself a demon.” The trailer ends with a clip of Gretchen throwing up at a classmate at school lunch, comically worried that she would ruin his expensive T-shirt.

Filled with flashes of the 80s and plenty of moments to laugh at, My best friend’s Exorcism seems to be trying to approach the horror genre in a more mundane way, which definitely has a chance to work in his favor. Considering that most films in this genre take themselves very seriously, since the phrase “based on real events” is regularly attached to them, “The Exorcism of my best friend” has self-awareness, since it allows the audience to laugh at its ridiculous theme. This combined with nostalgic elements, a comedic moment and friendship lessons can make for a very exciting and slightly connected story.

Nevertheless, judging by the first look at my best friend’s “Exorcism”, the film will definitely achieve its goal — to scare and make the audience laugh. More details will be provided when the film is available for streaming on September 30 on Prime Video.


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