Friends: Why Carol, Ross’s ex-wife, was remade


The friends had various guest stars and recurring characters who ended up playing more important roles as the series progressed, but one stood out as they were recast after their first appearance: Carol, Ross’ ex-wife. Friends followed a group of six characters (Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler and Ross) living in New York, and over the course of ten seasons, viewers witnessed many ups and downs in their social, professional and personal lives.

Everyone has had broken families in one way or another, and everyone has gone through failed relationships and awkward breakups, especially Ross. At the beginning of the series, Ross has just divorced Carol, his college girlfriend who recently got out and left him to live with his partner Susan. Carol was introduced in the second episode of the Friends series “The Episode with the Sonogram at the End”, in which Ross’s son Ben first appeared in the frame, and the audience learned that Carol was pregnant with his child. However, Carol’s audience met here differently than in the following episodes.

Carol was originally played by Anita Barone, who previously appeared in the comedy series Carol and Company and in one of the episodes of Seinfeld, where she played a chef who wanted Elaine Bene’s shoes. Initially, Barone auditioned for the role of one of the main characters of “Friends”, but instead she was offered the recurring role of Carol. After playing her in one and only one episode, Barone left, wanting to work more on a permanent basis, and was replaced by Jane Sibbett. Although Carol was never the main character, Carol appeared in Friends often enough for the audience to always take her into account, and together with Susan, she was at the center of the story in the episode “The Lesbian Wedding Episode”.

What Anita Baronne has done since Friends

Barone didn’t exactly get the permanent role she was looking for after leaving Friends. She starred in the first season of the Jeff Foxworthy show and the short-lived series War at Home. Among her recent roles are Georgie Jones (CECE’s mother) in the series “Shake it Up” on the Disney channel and one episode of the series “K.S. Undercover. After her role in Friends came to an end, Jane Sibbett appeared in a couple of films and several episodes in some TV series, such as Sabrina the Little Witch and Once and Again.

What Jane Sibbett has done since Friends

The actress from the TV series “Friends” Jane Sibbett continues to actively participate in her career since appearing in the role of Carol Willick. Most of her success came during her time on the sitcom, as she regularly starred in the TV series Herman’s Head and played the lead role in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s film It Takes Two, along with Steve Guttenberg and Kirsty Alley. She has repeatedly appeared in favorites of the 90s, such as “Angel’s Touch”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Nanny”, as well as in “Ally McBeal”. More recently, Jane Sibbett has played roles in the television films “Christmas Eve Date” as Didi Doherty and “The List for Life” as Dr. Elizabeth Boyer. Soon she will appear in a television series called “Manopause” in the role of Amanda Newman, which was announced recently.

Carol was never intended to be the main character, but she and Susan helped in the success of “Friends” and took a good step towards representation and inclusion in mainstream television, and the characters were called by GLAAD “a positive example of a gay couple on television.” . It is not known if Barone knew how frequent Carol’s appearances would be, or if the character’s role grew as the series progressed, but although she appeared in only one episode, this change was not forgotten by fans of Friends.


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