Friends: This is the actor who dropped everything to be in comedy and had his reward


Throughout its history, Friends had several guest venues. For the most part, those who appeared on the show enjoyed huge success, and that especially includes Eddie Cahill, aka Tag. Getting on Friends was a big deal for the star in season seven, as it was his first big gig. Appearing on the show would open several new doors for him, and he has since established the television curriculum quite a bit.

However, once, things were not so easy. Getting to the audition for Eddie’s Friends was a task in itself, as he lacked funds in his bank account. Once he arrived in Los Angeles, there were no guarantees, as the competition for Tag was quite fierce.

Eddie Cahill was just getting started when he joined the cast of Friends for season seven. Sure, these days the actor has a tremendous TV resume, however, starting the comedy, he was completely naive about the entire experience, even though the show was a huge monster.

“This was like the beginning of my entire professional acting experience, so there was pressure. I remember being made aware that after I got that job, I had landed somewhere.”

Not only did he land his career-changing gig, it turned out that being able to audition for the show was a chore in itself. He had serious competition and, furthermore, the funds for a ticket were extremely low. It was his first audition and he spent his last $ 230 on a plane ticket. Eddie admitted that, looking back, the experience was worth it. The actor detailed his experience and mentioned that after auditioning for him, he was ready to fly back to New York.

The audition process was difficult. He was paired alongside the talented sidekick who played Clark Kent on Smallville, none other than Tom Welling. Despite her nervousness, Cahill landed the part. It was before the era of cell phones, so he had to borrow a phone to call his family and tell them the story.

Working on a new show, with a cast that has already developed chemistry and friendship, can be much more difficult. However, in Cahill’s case, the transition was very easy to navigate within Friends, thanks in large part to David Schwimmer. Cahill remembers that David was available from the beginning. Cahill spoke highly of the rest of the cast, including Jen Aniston, who played an important role in giving him a voice during his stint on the show.