Friends: This Couple Was Destined Not To Exist On NBC’s Sitcom


Friends is the iconic youth series that ran for ten seasons, becoming one of the most successful sitcoms of recent times that managed to capture the attention of millions of fans around the world, and which remain faithful to this date. to the program that aired on the NBC network.

Due to its diverse and funny stories, many episodes of Friends were etched in the memory of fans, who always saw some of their favorites become romantically involved with others, in relationships that had no future, especially Joey and Ross. The loyal viewers could have lost count of the many times they fell in love.

The truth is that one of those relationships in Friends was not originally going to happen, since one of the characters only planned to appear in one episode of the hit sitcom. It’s about Mona, who was one of Ross’s love interests, and who was played by actress Bonnie Somerville.

It was through an interview with Entertainment Weekly, when in 2019 Bonnie Somerville spoke about her experiences in the series, and revealed that her character of Mona was only supposed to appear in one episode of Friends and ended up staying for much longer thanks to the quality. interpretive of his character.

Recall that Monica and Chandler’s wedding occurred at the beginning of Friends season 8. This led to the inclusion of Mona, a young woman who flirted with Ross and Joey and who had only a few lines in the script. This the actress told the outlet in the same interview two years ago:

“My agent said, ‘They are the casting of episode 1 and there is a small role that may have a few lines.’ . I went there and the creators of the series Marta Kaufman and David Crane were in the room, and it was all over in a second. Then my agent called and said, “You are kidnapped! You start work on Monday. ”

The chemistry between the characters was so great that the creators of the series decided that Mona would stay for a while longer, to the point that the actress came to think that she would become the seventh friend of the group on Friends, Somerville joked, while He went on to explain the following:

“We had a lot of fun and someone said, ‘You’re so funny, we should see you again.’ The next day, my agent called me to say that I could continue for three more episodes. The chemistry between Mona and Ross worked and the writers wanted to see that relationship evolve. Our relationship continued for a bit, and I finally thought, ‘OMG, I’m going to be the seventh friend!’ I will be one of the main actresses along with the rest! That obviously didn’t happen. “